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April 05 2016


Piano Samples and Piano loops - free samples and free loops - Royalty free loops

Piano samples
Piano Sample 003, Some funky Piano samples recorded 23, 03, 2016 and Sampled by recorded by �Royalty Free Music� Piano sample recorded by �Royalty Free Music� with added reverb and stereo delay and Filter. Simply take a listen above and you'll hear the changes relating to the effects. Funk Piano. Subscribe - https://goo.gl/evUBYI on your Royalty Free loops and samples weekly!

free samples

We imagine you enjoy People

- Piano Sample 003
- Download this Piano Sample for in charge of FREE- http://goo.gl/2LRqRl
- Obtained from Sample Pack 001- https://goo.gl/EGCI16
- Key Dm
- 110 BPM

-Subscribe https://goo.gl/evUBYI
-Get more Samples https://goo.gl/EGCI16
-Share this Video https://youtu.be/FBU-0ZGXHf0p

Yes that�s right! All samples for this channel can used in any works whether it's commercial or None Commercial. All we ask is that you simply tune in to the sample above until the end and subscribe to keep the channel.

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